Road map for first AXion33.5: 

  • Nov./Dec. 04 design and project
  • Jan. 05, building of plugs
  • Feb./March 05, building of moulds
  • April 05, building of hull #001 
  • May-Aug. 05, finishing hull/deck , kiel and mast
  • Sept.-Dec. 05 assembly, cabin interiors and finishing
  • 4.Sept. - 2.Oct. 2005 Interboot Friedrichshafen (int. Boatshow) 
  • Winter 05/06 first trails, test-sailing and optimize
  • 2006 ORC- and Yardsick-Racing
  • April 06, transport to lake of Constanc, riggimg and launch
  • 13. May 06 "IMPERATOR" wins "Graf Zeppelin" race, "first ship home"
  • 27. May 06 to the largest IMS/ORC race at the lake of Constanc"IMPERATOR" wins 9 of 10 runs
  • 18. June 06 to "Rund Um", the greatest long-distance race, with 450 boats at the start, we win the ORC valuation as 32. boat in goal. Inclusive "liberas"counted, a good success.
  • 23. Sept. - 1.Oct. 06 Interboot Friedrichshafen (int. Boatshow) 
Nächstes Bild

The "Rund Um" race started with good wind. In time the largest long-distance race at the lake of constance, all wind conditions adjusted from 0 to 15 KN. "IMPERATOR" was in the foremost group, befor he lost briefly before the goal still 15 places and terminated as the 32. including 8 liberas into consideration.

The ORC valuation was won with 45 min. lead on second!

Results: Rund Um

The "Montfort Cup" is the largest IMS/ORC race at the lac of Constanc. 10 up and down courses with wind between 5 and 18 KN were sailed. Our AXion33.5 wins 9 runs, terminated one after an early start on the 2. place.The geratest success was to be the winner of the total valuation over all classes.

Report: Montfort Cup

Results: Montfort Cup

"Imperator" wins first race!
("first ship home" and 1th place in ORC-Class)

At "Graf-Zeppelin", a middel-distanc-race, AXion33.5 "Imperator" wins after 3 1/2 hours sailing. The race was sailed in a distance of 15 Sm, 50 boats were started..

We sails a little higher and a little faster!

salon-pad from high-quality microfaser materials


salon-table with bottle-box

exclusiev interior with navi-table,
cool-box and electric-paneel

pantry with cocker - with van also as heater!

sail-plan up and down wind


elegante details for examples chain plates and saling

all fittings are in high quality and on the right place

in the wide cockpit is working nice
the bowsprit gives the AXion33.5 a special outlooking and much seed for the downwind.


installations electrical and sanitary,
everything in pipes shifts
model of interior

April / May 2005

building mould and hull No. 001

January/February 2005

the production of the plug precedes briskly



AXion33.5 Model 1:20