A 33 foot high Performance Race-cruiser with the "Family flair..."

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The AXion33.5 is a fast and easy to handle boat for daysailing with friends and family. It's also build with the required interior cabin comfort to make multiple-day trips enjoyable for everyone.
The main performance focus of the AXion33.5 will be in light to medium conditions, although the safety and stability in heavy weather is a main focus. Therefore the boat is designed for lakes, coastal and inshore racing, although it's liceneced as cat. A "Offshore".
The AXion33.5 should not only be fast and "sexy", the boat will also be build out of the latest materials incl. Epoxy and Carbon using the latest building technologies, for an outstanding price/ performance ratio.

one class design

A fast boat with an efficient design, easy to handle and with a great "fun factor" while racing, it's predicted to become one of the worlds leading one design class.